The Triple Spiral Singularity

What is Goata?

GOATA (Greatest Of All Time Athletes) is the science of observing identical movement patterns in slow motion. Via slow motion video technology we are able to recognize and compare the identical movement patterns of crawling babies, bipedal indigenous tribes of the world as well as elite athletes. These athletes have had multi decade careers and were non-contact injury resistant, i.e. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Deon Sanders, Pele, Maradona, Serena Williams and Jerry Rice, just to name a few. GOATA Movement patterns are entirely identical, we can see the same patterns occur over and over again in pictures and slow motion video replays. The locomotive genius will always win in the speed & endurance game.


Learn what the GOATA'S know:

The GOATA Movement System teaches its students how to move like the Greatest Of All Time Athletes. Here are some athletes to watch, these are the GOATAs and they all share the same patterns. Here are some examples, Tom Brady, Deon Sanders, Pele, Maradona, Barry Sanders, Roger Federer, Muhammed Ali, Serena Willams, Martina Navratilova, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan each of these athletes have had multi-decade careers, they were durable and pain-free while performing. Here is some GOATA homework: Go examine these athlete’s movement patterns for yourself and see if you can notice any similarities! You can shut down the competitors by out moving them, being more durable and lasting, and having fluid movement patterns.

Speed, power, strength and agility don't mean a thing if your always injured, afraid to perform or being slowed by useless bulk.

By using modern day video technology to assess clients, we can demystify what it is that is hurting your body and remove the curse of chronic pain and under-performance for life. Yes you can have your “life” or your "A Game" back, In sum, the GOATAs have secret movements which until recently were unknown. Now that the naked eye is no longer guiding our understanding, the puzzle has finally been solved and is now being coached in our gyms. The naked eye is faulty and can be fooled by magicians who make millions off of simple illusions and smoke and mirrors. Often times eyewitness testimonies are thrown out in court because of faulty memory over what was actually seen, memory is finite. Slow-motion video is the only way to view a moving athlete with EXACT precision, at GLS we call this “frame by frame observation.” This helps us stake our claim on the empirical evidence that consistently shows a replicable result or the “GOATA movement patterns.” Slow-motion video is the Creme de la Crop of movement assessments and here at GLS we have gone through countless hours of video assessments for the sole purpose of helping to re-code our athlete’s movement patterns.

GOATA Introduction

Training Day @GLS 3

GOATA Joe Testimonial and Interview MUST WATCH FOR GOATA FANS!

GOATA Cryo Recovery Session

Training Day @GLS 3


Super Athlete Development Series

Super Athlete - Darrel Williams

GOATA Cryo Recovery Session

Super Athlete - Taija Ellerson

Super Athlete - GOATA Joe Este

Quality Movement

Fluidity In Movement, GOATA Training fundamentals and prerequisites.

Using the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETES or GOATAs safest most secure ways to run, swing, jump, throw or kick, using fast explosive movements and without ever getting hurt you can UPLEVEL your performance and MAXIMIZE your game play on the court or field. The SCIENCE is in their body and the slow-mo video is undeniable.

  • Fluidity Is The Singularity

    The greatest of all time athletes (The GOATA’s) have the following characteristics: smooth, artistic, explosive, catlike... read more

  • Connective Tissue

    Preserving the joints is another commonality of the GOATAS’. While the other athletes struggle with both repetitive... read more

  • Back Chain Dominant Spinal Security

    Securing the spine during abnormal freakish athletic movements is another characteristic of the GOATAS'. They are never chronic complainers... read more

  • It's NOT fitness or gym fit, It's GOATA (Fluid) fit

    Gym or fitness fit is a concept where the muscle is the priority. The size of it mostly. This aesthetic look is excellent for the beach but has no bases... read more

  • Teaching The Way
    You Move

    Learning the GOATA pressure wave singularity and the three prerequisite fundamentals are coachable with the help... read more

  • Teaching the Safety

    Teaching the safety of the triple spiraling explosion movement to preserve joints for life, the spine security of Back Chain Dominant... read more


Jose “Coach Gil” Guilly Boesch

YEARS of Experience, Motion Expert

Coaching the explosive triple spiral Goata movement pattern which by default preserves joints, keeps the spine safe,  and makes you bulletproof from the muscle pull and repetitive stress injury. The key to athletic dominance over your counterparts is GOATA FIT

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